Our basic services include FTL and LTL. We have covered plenty of regular, time-sensitive, temperature controlled and hazardous loads and specialize working with Vans (regular, vented, heated). We also have the experience of working with Reefers, Flatbeds, Step-decks and Conestoga trailers.

We understand the special needs for shipping different type of cargo and we will always follow your instructions, however, if for example, you hire us to haul produce that could get frozen or overheated going through some areas in a regular van, we will always advise you to rethink the equipment.

If we think there is no need for the special equipment you are requesting, we will also let you know because we truly care about you, your cargo and about cutting your budget.


In a very much demanding Trade Show business, we have faced many challenges which this line of business goes hand-in-hand with, and during this time we have become quite an expert in understanding and managing the sensitivity of transporting these type of loads.

We take great pride in achieving the expectations of our most trusted trade show business clients. Our professional Outstanding Freight Solutions team is standing by, ready to bring your business an Outstanding Solution and to make sure that your shipment is being picked up on time, transported hassle free, unloaded timely and safely and by the most suitable and trusted carriers.


Communication is key in every business, and our dedicated team is always focusing on our clients' requests. We do provide special care to every load, and we always make sure that all special requests are in compliance with the USDOT regulations and requirements, no matter how small or big the cargo is. We will suggest changes if necessary, but won't make any without consulting you first. If for any reason we don't feel comfortable transporting cargo as you requested, we will offer our professional opinion and present it to you with the best solution we can both agree on.

Our understanding of all critical aspects, risks and benefits of this specific industry is very clear, so rest assured, your shipment is SAFE with us.

We are committed to providing OUTSTANDING customer service

We strive for excellence, not perfectionism

We believe in a mutually beneficial business relationships

We want to exceed your expectations