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Outstanding Freight Solutions, Inc. is a Chicago based freight broker and logistics service provider with a wide range of approved motor-carriers to serve your shipping needs. We use a unique way of performing logistics and have our own brokerage management system. We are also able to select carriers based on their basic performance analysis, safety rating, insurance and authority status. Also, we are able to see violations, and what type of violation a carrier has. We always follow FMCSA protocols and refuse to work with carriers who do not do the same.

Although we are a relatively small brokerage firm, we can easily compete with other, large brokers, and meet their reasonable rates. We have carriers available on a daily basis, for pickup and delivery from and to any point in the US and Canada. Our top priority is to find a right carrier for you which has newer equipment and already established excellent business history to get your shipment to its destination safely and on time. We stick to a schedule, so rest assured, your shipment is SAFE with us.